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Experience a new level of Home Care excellence with Epoch’s special range of Premium Home Care Products. Elevate your cleaning routine with our extensive selection, including Hand Wash Liquid, Body Wash, Shampoo, Antiseptic, Dishwashing Liquid, Laundry Detergent, And Fabric Softener. Our products are available in bulk sizes, providing convenience and value for your brand. Discover the unparalleled quality of our Furniture Polish Formula, tailored to meet your specific requirements. At Epoch, we are committed to delivering professional-grade home care solutions that will exceed your expectations.

i. Experience the exceptional convenience and environmental consciousness of our home care product range. We proudly offer 5-liter and 25-liter bulk size refills for a variety of products, including hand wash, body wash, and shampoo. These bulk refills provide a practical solution for distributing your brand across prominent establishments such as hotels, banks, and malls. Elevate your brand presence with our convenient and sustainable bulk-sized refills, designed to make a lasting impression in the most esteemed locations.
i. Introducing our exceptional furniture polish spray, designed to provide optimal convenience and outstanding results. With our aerosol form, you can effortlessly bring out the natural beauty of wood furniture while leaving a long-lasting, lustrous shine. Experience the reliability and quality of Epoch as we provide you with the perfect solution to elevate your furniture care line. Choose our aerosol furniture polish in 300ml and 470ml sizes to deliver a superior shine that will enhance the elegance of any space.
Aerosols Manufacturing in UAE
i. Epoch is excited to present our premium laundry detergent Power Gel, specifically crafted for new brands in the Laundry Care Industry. Epoch manufactures a Power Gel which delivers exceptional cleaning performance; with twice the cleaning power compared to ordinary powder detergents. Trust Epoch’s laundry detergent Power Gel, available in 1 liter, 2 liters, and 4 liters bulk sizes to provide your clientele with a superior cleaning solution that surpasses expectations. Partner with us and enhance your laundry care products today.
i. Epoch is well-versed in the art of crafting Fabric Softeners, and we possess the expertise and capabilities to handle the manufacturing and packaging of your esteemed product. Our team of seasoned chemists, specializing in product development, is adept at formulating fabric softeners that precisely cater to your unique specifications. From concept to full-scale production, we ensure a seamless journey by leveraging our vast knowledge and abundant resources.